Sunday, 11 January 2015

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How to Register Folder Lock 7 free in Windows 7/xp/8/8.1

If you have so many private files and folders which you don't want to share it with anyone including your family members, friends, etc then what you can do it to hide? Here comes the one and only amazing solution for all security issues it's Folder Lock. May be you heard about it before it's one of the most popular software to lock or Hide any Windows file or folder. It's a paid software their owners will give you free trial but when the trial will get over then you'll be in trouble. So by seeing all this we are here with a solution for all of you. You can enjoy with this software for lifetime by paying nothing. Yes you don't have to pay even a single penny for it.

What is Folder Lock
Folder Lock allows users to protect their files, folders and even drives by password. You can encrypt your private files easily. Create real time backups. Best software to protect your portable drives. Has the power to shred files & drives moreover you can clean history too. Do you know it's one of the most downloadable security application by more than 28 million users all over the world. You can imagine how huge is it. Due to its awesomeness it's at peak now.  Best part is that it works with both 32 bit, 64 bit version of Windows XP 7 8 8.1 even Vista too.

Features of Folder Lock
Lock your Files
It protects your data from illegal access by blocking access to files, folders, drives and programs. Looks your data even in Windows safe mode by kernel level locking and filtering drivers. It's sexy and easy look makes it elegant which is very simple and it's user interface has single click data protection feature.

Encrypt your Files
With Folder lock you can encrypt your personal files using 256-bit on-the-fly military grade encryption technology. Create storage lockers which keep your important files encrypted, ensuring the integrity of your data's security. Encrypted lockers are dynamic, smaller in size when created and grow as your data
storage need increases.

Secure Backup!
Upload all your private data you keep in your Lockers onto a cloud server without manually managing your backups. Secure backup process is automatic and real-time, all changes or modification to
your files in your 'Lockers' are synched. Folder Lock is the only solution that offers this patent pending technology providing
end-to-end data encryption and backup simultaneously.

Protect USB/CD!
You can copy encrypted lockers to a USB & other external data storage devices using the Protect USB Drive feature. With protect CD/DVD option; you can convert existing lockers to become portable and executable, enabling you to burn lockers onto a CD/DVD. Send private and confidential email securely with encrypt email attachment feature, it allows users to send sensitive data over the internet securely.

Make Wallets!
Save your credit card and debit card
related information utilizing 256-bit AES encryption with make Wallets feature. Personalize your digital Wallets with custom icons, card backgrounds, and card templates which enable you to organize your
banking information. Keeps your identity safe from identity thieves and e-criminals by securely saving
your credit card and banking credentials.

Clean History!
Clean History feature on Folder Lock
enables you to delete your online digital footprint, removing all traces of online browsing activities.
You have the option to clean windows temp files, open/save directory and clipboard data from any windows computer. Clean Media Player history, MS paint history and word pad history with the option of windows program history cleaning.

Shred Files!
Folder Lock's shred file feature enables you to securely delete personal data, removing all traces leading to your personal identity. You can shred entire hard-drives to ensure that all data contained within that drive is securely deleted and cannot be recovered. With Folder Lock's shred file feature, there's no limit to how many or what type of files you can delete.

Official Source of This Info

How To Register Free Folder Lock 7
So it's time to follow the process to get expected results. Don't skip any step because every step is important.

First of all you have to Download Trial version of Folder Lock from here. After downloading successfully now install trial version in your Pc or Desktop. It's time to disconnect your Internet connection for a while whether it's wifi broadband or any other. On using folder lock twice it will start asking to do register. They will provide free usage for a limited time after that you must have to be registered to use it. So to Register freely follow given steps.

Launch Run in your computer by using Win+R key by keyboard and type

notepad  %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts Hit enter now.
Now you will see that host Notepad file is opened, type ip address in this manner as given in below image.

But in Windows 7 and 8 you can't Save file due to less privileges. So follow these steps for it.

1.Goto C:/<<windows<<system 32<<drivers<<etc<<hosts . Right click on host file and it's time to go to properties then security after that change permissions for the account and press OK button to close. Now we can save the Notepad file very easily. So follow above steps as given and save it. Open folder lock again to Register for free. Use below given serial key number to Register your folder lock free copy.

SERIAL KEY :F7-20111116-7-829987

SERIAL KEY : F7-20111116-5-112259

SERIAL KEY : F7-20111116-9-738667

SERIAL KEY: F7-20110917-9-172951

Use any of the keys given above to Register Folder Lock for free if one doesn't work then try other don't lose hope. Our specialised team has already tested this trick and it's working smoothly.

What NOT to do after Registration
Don't update the software after evaluation otherwise you will lose everything.
During registration work keep your Internet off.

I hope this trick will surely help you. If you are facing any problem then Comment below. We are happy to help you. Help your friends and do SHARE this folder lock free trick with them because sharing is caring.  Thanks for stopping. Keep Visiting for more awesomeness.


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